A collection of photographs and images of physics, nature, and fellow physicists:

Sunrise at the Smoky Mountains, U S A (December 2021)

Quantum Entanglement Engineering and Applications (Institute of Physics, Bristol, 2021)

F. J. Duarte and Cathy Foley at Applied Physics, Lindfield, CSIRO, Australia (December 2016)

Delivering the lecture "Quantun entanglement and space-to-space interferometric communications" at the Rochester Optical Society (OSA) meeting (Laboratory for Laser Energetics, University of Rochester, April 2016)

With Optical Society (OSA) student group, and E. Gramsch, at the Universidad de Santiago (October 2014)

Doing calculations for an experiment (Redstone Arsenal, Alabama, 2011)

With physics students at the University of Santiago, June 2011 (Courtesy of the Optical Society of America)

Advances in tunable organic lasers (Universidad de Santiago, Santiago, Chile). Invited Lecture sponsored by the Distinguished Lecturer Program of the Optical Society of America, May 8, 2008

F. J. Duarte and L. E. Duarte at the University of Santiago (2007)

Having fun on a clear spring day (2007)

At 7G0 (Western New York, February 2007)

Flying on a clear winter day (2007)

F. J. Duarte and K. M. Vaeth, Coherence characteristics of electrically excited tandem organic light-emitting diodes, Opt. Lett. 30, 3072-3074 (2005)

At Penn Yan, Keuka Lake (PEO, Western New York, July 2005). Photograph courtesy of my friend Paul Wojciechowski

Above 4000 m.... pointing towards Cerro El Plomo (5300 m) (Andes Mountains, Chile, January 2002)

F. J. Duarte, C. E. Wieman, T. W. Hänsch, and M. O. Scully (Lasers' 95, Charleston, South Carolina, December 1995)

F. J. Duarte, Solid-state multiple-prism grating dye-laser oscillators, Appl. Opt. 33, 3857-3860 (1994)

F. J. Duarte, M. O. Scully, and N. F. Ramsey (Lasers' 93, Lake Tahoe, Nevada, December 1993).

F. J. Duarte, J. L. Hall, W. E. Lamb, and M. O. Scully (Lasers' 92, Houston, Texas, December 1992)

Zumenin, N. Cheburkin, F. J. Duarte, and V. V. Apollonov (Moscow, September 1992)

First ruggedized long-pulse narrow-linewidth dye laser oscillator (F. J. Duarte et al., Opt. Commun. 84, 310-316 (1991))

Working on a high-power excimer-laser-pumped narrow-linewidth dye-laser oscillator (F. J. Duarte, Opt. Quantum. Electron. 21, 47-54 (1989))

L. W. Hillman and F. J. Duarte (Lasers' 88, Lake Tahoe, Nevada-California border, Carson City in the background, December 1988)

E. Teller, K. M. Corcoran (both seated), and F. J. Duarte (Lasers' 87, Lake Tahoe, Nevada, December 1987)

At the Department of Physics & Astronomy, the University of Alabama (1984).

First multiple-prism grazing-incidence grating CVL-pumped dye-laser oscillator (F. J. Duarte and J. A. Piper, Appl. Opt. 23, 1391-1394 (1984)).

F. J. Duarte

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